Wednesday, May 19, 2010

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All about Mataio

My name is Mataio. I am 8 turning 9. I have one brother and two half brothers. I also have one sister and two stepsisters. I have two dogs, they are very friendly, one of them is a German Shepherd and one Siberian Husky. My favourite song is Little Black Box sung by Stan Walker in Australian Idol. I like to ride skateboards, Helleys, Ripstik. I love chocolate, white chocolate ice cream and all kinds of junk food and that is me.

All about Sophie

I am 8 years old. In my family I have a mum, dad, my brother, aunty Sharon, Uncle Steve, Daniel, Nato and Chelsea. I have 4 cats, 2 dogs and 1 rabbit. My favourite sport is netball. My favourite thing to do at school is writing. My great Grandpa went to war. I was about 6 meters away from a shark.

All about Neha

Hi my name is Neha and I am 7 years old. In my family I have 5 people. My favourite food is fish and chips. My favourite movie is a scary movie; it’s called Haunting and Cricket.

Can you guess my favourite colour? Ok, I will tell you. It’s blue and my hair colour is black. Last but not least, my eye colour is dark black. Thank you.

All about Kiana

This report is about my life. I am 7 years old, nearly 8. I have brown hair, I like to play with my kitten. I love to eat chops. I know 2 things that I’m getting for my birthday, and my favourite colour is blue. My eye colour is hazel and in my spare time I ride my bike but I’m afraid of spiders other than that I always smile.

All about Olga

My name is Olga. I’m 8 turning 9. In my family there is my dad, my mum, my sisters, my brothers and my aunty. I like reading, maths and sports. My best friends are Maxime, Isabella, Xian and Sophie. My favourite movies are High School Musical, Wizards of Waverly Place and Twilight New Moon. My favourite sports are basketball and swimming. I hate broccoli and cooked carrots.

All about Javaughn

My name is Javaughn. I am turning 8 on February 23. I live in a small house with my mum and dad and two new baby brothers. My favourite song is Astronaut. My favourite food is Vietnamese. I am 7 years old. I am afraid of spiders.

All about Lereagan

My favourite food is noodles. My favourite song is Boom Boom Pow. When I am free, I play playstation. My favourite toy is a car.

All about Joshua

My name is Joshua Meads and I am eight years old. I live with my dad, mum and my little sister Abigail. I have a pregnant ginger cat and her is Keba. I go to Summerland Primary School, which is just around the corner from my house! My hobbies are drumming, and collecting car magazines. My favourite food is sushi, Chinese food, and Indian food. I have short, black hair and dark brown eyes. My skin colour is tan. Every Tuesday, at four o’clock after school, I play tenpin bowling at Lincoln Road. I am a tiny bit colour blind. My great great Uncle fought for the air force in the Pacific War, but his plane was shot down by the Japanese.

In Malaysia, I touched a small Albino python, and my dad put it around his neck! I have done a lot of things in my life and I enjoy it.

All about Michael

This is a report about me and my life. I am only 8 years old and have already been to England. My dad has been to Australia, England and I think he has been to France as well. My mum has been to France and England too. My brother went to England with us too. On the plane we watched a movie but I can’t remember what.

All about Maxime

My name is Maxime and I am 8 turning 9 on June 15th. Right now I am going to tell you about my family.

I have a mum called Bianca, dad called Martyn, brother called Jack, sister called Lieve and myself Maxime.

I have got a favourite teddy that is a puppy called Rosie. Rosie is medium and really small. It is really soft. My favourite TV programme is Wizard of Waverly Place, H20 Just Add Water, Lizzy McGuire and Sonny with a Chance. My favourite food is chocolate, pineapple lumps, cookies, lollies, egg, rice, beef and steak. My best friends are Hollie, Isabella, Olga and Kaylen. My hobbies are writing, maths, reading, colour and walking.

My favourite sports are netball, jazz, tap, swimming, ice-skating and basketball. I hate carrots. On holiday at the beach I found a sick penguin. I put it in the water and the penguin died.


Zeenat said...

Fantastic blog Mrs Woodgate .

jack,lieve,maxime said...

I love the all about me.