Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Character Descriptions of our Wild Things!

My Wild Thing - By Joshua Meads

My wild thing is the deadliest creature to walk the Earth. His poisonous fangs hang out of his mouth like a Saber-tooth cat, and his poison is so powerful that it can kill 10 adult Polar bears in 120 nano seconds. His pitch black waterproof fur smells like a sewer. He is as deadly as a King cobra, and is as tall as Mount Everest and K2 combined. My wild thing's eyes are as red as lava, and his teeth are as sharp as a dagger. He will eat anything that dares to come within a mile near him. He is as fierce as an adult T-Rex, but is nearly impossible to see at night. My wild thing prefers to keep his distance from humans, and his teeth are as yellow as the sun at mid-summer. He is as silent as a train tunnel that has been abandoned for 68 years. He is as fast as he speed of light. My wild thing is more deadly than the human brain can imagine

My Wild Thing - By Fazeel

My wild thing has spikes like a cactus. He has sharp claws like a sharp edge. He has poisonous horns like a snake. He is as strong as a person lifting a car. He has orange eyes that glow in the dark. My wild thing has fangs and he is hairy.

My Wild Thing - By Vrishank

My Wild Thing has orange skin like a boiling sun. His hair is spikey and he has powerful jaws. He is as poisonous as a powerful cobra. He's so tall that he could touch the end of Jupiter. He's mean like a gangster who lets anyone in. He's as smelly as a billion year old garbage can. My wild monster runs like a cheetah. His eyes are red like lava popping around his eyes.

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maxime said...

Nice work room 7.
It looks like you are having lots of fun.
Keep going with that great job!