Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Mihi - Room 7

As part of our topic for term two this year, Room 7 have been learning about Mihi. A Mihi is a formal greeting, it is a way for people to introduce themselves and show others where they have come from. Each child had to research where they were born to help them find out which mountain and body of water that they belong to. In their Mihi you will also here the children talk about their mother and father and the school that they belong to.
To help you understand the following words mean...
Maunga - Mountain
Awa - Lake/river
Iwi - Tribe
Kura - School
Toku papa - My father
Toku mama - My Mother
Toku ingoa - My name

Click on the video to see us present our own Mihi...


Summerland Six 2010 said...

Hi Room 7,
What a great job you have all done writing and then saying your mihi. I have been enjoying looking at all your blog entries, you have achieved lots of learning already this year. "Ride the wave - Piha rocks!"

MAXIME said...

Those MIHI'S are so cool.

sohail said...

Cool mihis room7.I really liked mataios mihi.

By Sohail